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Different Egg Colors are Fascinating to Children!

Posted by on May 24, 2012

Blue Eggs Really Get Attention!

This little girl was just captivated by the blue egg in the carton.

We have many different breeds of birds in our flock and each breed lays a certain color egg.

The blue eggs that seem to be so fascinating are layed by an Ameraucana. An Ameraucana is a South American breed of chicken.

Some Ameraucanas have been mixed with other breeds and are called “Easter-eggers” because they lay blue, green and even pink eggs.

Red Eggs? Really?

What appears to be a red egg is actually a new potato that another vendor at the farmers’ market placed in one of our Tickiwoo Farm egg cartons to draw attention,

We were pleased by how many little shoppers spotted the imposter and informed us that it was a potato! We didn’t fool many people, but it did get their attention and we got alot of smiles!

2 Responses to Different Egg Colors are Fascinating to Children!

  1. Matthew LIttle

    Do you ever sell any of your Ameraucana hens?

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