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Pastured Poultry

Why Do We Pasture Our Hens

Pastured PoultryMother Earth News reported in an issue that eggs from pastured poultry were indeed higher in the good omega levels and lower in cholesterol. If you are going to eat eggs, doesn’t it make sense to get the eggs that are better for you? We think so.

Our customers especially like the fact that our egg layers are free to roam around the pasture in the sunshine and will never suffer the fate of so many birds who spend their entire lives in a big commercial building (or worse) and never get into the sunshine or step on grass.

Our birds are raised on pasture with electric net fencing to protect them from predators. The portable roost houses and the nesting house are moved daily while the entire enclosure is changed once a week to a new location. The freedom to move around cage-free, to forage on pasture with plenty of food and water make for very happy birds. Our eggs are in great demand and rightly so.

Heritage Poultry

There are so many breeds of poultry to choose from. We like the idea of raising breeds whose numbers are dwindling to keep bloodlines going and increase the diversity. Our poultry breeds here at Tickiwoo Farm include Light Sussex, Cuckoo Marans, Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Ameraucana, Wheaten Marans, Wyandotte, Delaware, Welsummer, and Golden comet.Heritage Poultry Breeds

Is it Really Organic?

Many people wrongly assume that if an egg carton says “organic” that the birds must not be inside or caged. Sadly, this is not the case. Some commercial producers have 35,000 birds inside a commercial building (some are not in cages) and because the birds are fed organic feed, the egg cartons are being labeled “organic”.

This fact was recently published along with pictures in a recent issue of Acres Magazine. This can be misleading to the consumer who is buying organic eggs thinking that the chickens are not being raised in commercial buildings.