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Ten Week Old Chicks Go Outside To Explore!

Posted by on December 28, 2011

Chicks Are Ready To Venture Into The Great Outdoors!

Electronet fencing with solar charger.We set up two sections of electronet fencing around the greenhouse and hooked up a new solar powered charger to the fencing.

This will help protect the chicks from predators trying to get inside the fence. Then we unzipped one section on the end of the greenhouse and let the chicks start checking out their new area.

They are pretty much fully-feathered now and are very curious to explore anything new. This is the first chance they have had to see the outdoors and feel the sunshine.

Trees Are Like A Magnet For Chicks!

Chicks looking around under a tree.Chicks just seem to naturally have the urge to go under and into trees. They love to get onto the branches and will try to spend the night there if you are not watchful.

Leaving a baby chick outside at night is way too tempting for night time predators, especially owls.

We put a light on inside the greenhouse to get them back inside where they are safer. Chicks are drawn to the light.


The Chicks Are Curious About Anything New!

Chicks Out On Grass For The First Time!Even the smallest change in the everyday routine can be fascinating to a baby chick.

They are curious about everything. Imagine the wonder of discovering the great outdoors for the first time.

Some are more daring than others, but once a few are brave enough to step outside it doesn’t take long for others to follow. They start scratching and looking for treats right away.

One Response to Ten Week Old Chicks Go Outside To Explore!

  1. Jeri

    They are so comical. Happy new year to you and all the chicks.

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